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Three Thyme Sesame Oil is procured from premium quality sesame seeds. Sesame oil is considered to be the best for massaging the body and scalp in Ayurveda. Our Sesame oil is extracted from cold-pressed technique which helps in retaining its nourishing value. It is 100% natural, pure and free from any chemicals.




1. High in antioxidants

2. Has anti-inflammatory properties

3. Gives your skin a natural glow

4. Repairs damaged and rough hair

5.  Heal wounds and burns


Directions to use:


  • For Skin Health - Massage whole body with warm Sesame Oil & leave for 45-60 min. Cleanse with mild soap or body cleanser.
  • For Hair & Scalp Health- Apply on scalp & massage for 10-15 min. Leave for 80 min followed by hair wash using gentle hair cleanser


₹349.00 Regular Price
₹244.30Sale Price
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