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Dr. Kajal Dhingra
Founder & CEO
Three Thyme

Dr. Kajal Dhingra is a post graduate in Ayurveda from Delhi University. Her extensive experience in Ayurveda and avid interest in medicinal herbs led her to researching Ayurvedic herbs for the health promotion and health prevention during her MD. Her passion towards cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals rekindled her dream to start a brand providing plant-based healing and nutrition. ‘Three Thyme’ aims at providing the natural and pure herbal solutions to its clients. Her considerable field experience on medicinal herbs is an added asset to the brand. She and her brand ‘Three Thyme’ are shining hope to the customers looking for genuine solutions for deep rooted problems.

‘Happy and healthy living’.

‘Three Thyme’ is inspired by Thyme and it's three-fold offerings to basic human requirements namely Health, Sustenance & Beauty...
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